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Meeting building codes is crucial for ensuring safety, structural integrity, and compliance with legal standards. It guarantees that constructions adhere to established regulations, safeguarding occupants, and the surrounding community. From fire safety to accessibility, adherence to building codes is a fundamental commitment to creating secure and resilient structures that stand the test of time.

Vital for Miami's vulnerability to hurricanes, this code ensures structures can withstand severe weather, safeguarding lives and property during storms.
Miami Dade County
Essential for inclusivity, these codes mandate features that make spaces accessible, ensuring individuals with disabilities can navigate public areas with ease. Compliance reflects a commitment to equality and diversity.
Ada Compliance
Fostering nationwide consistency, safety, and quality, this code sets uniform standards for construction, promoting structural integrity and efficiency.
International Code building

Our Warranty

Guard Buildings is a team of professionals with decades of experience, providing businesses with quality buildings at a price point that’s easy on the wallet, proven by our price match guarantee. Doors, windows, and HVAC units are provided at the same level of protection as the specified modular wall design. that is why we provide warranty because we are pretty sure about our quality !

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