Guard Shack Shipping

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Empower Your Decision-Making: Whether You Purchase or Not, Guidance is Essential​

Vendors of the modular construction field are widespread. Some of them will manufacture your ideas from scratch, some others may have 3rd party suppliers to start the product for you. Only one thing separates crucially these two: Code Compliances. Get a free quote or guidance here.


Andrea Chapman

Consultant Agent

12 years experience

Off Loading and anchoring of your Guard Shacks

All of our buildings are intended to be lifted by standard forklift, or top-lifted with straps and spreader. Permanent forklift pockets are optional if you will be moving the building frequently. We offer trailer mounted buildings, and crane lifting lugs are an option too. The off-loading process, set up and connection to utilities are responsibility of our customers unless otherwise agreed during the ordering process.


Whether you buy from us or not, you need a consultancy to buy your guard shack.​

Our vision is simple: lead the industry. Benefit from our expertise with free, uncompromised guidance. Elevate your projects 

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